About CIPD qualifications

CIPD qualifications are available at Level 3 Foundation, Level 5 Intermediate and Level 7 Advanced.

Advance your HR career with new CIPD qualifications

CIPD qualifications are available at Level 3 Foundations, Level 5 Intermediate and Level 7 Advanced, and you can study Awards, Certificates and Diplomas at each of these levels. Most CIPD qualifications provide a pathway to becoming a CIPD professional member, at Associate (Assoc CIPD). The Advanced Level Diploma, PDS (or university equivalent) provides the underpinning knowledge to apply to become recognised as a Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow. 

Level 3 Foundation

Level 3 Foundation qualifications are perfect if you want to acquire a wide range of relevant practical skills in HR and development. Our Level 3 Foundation Certificates and Diplomas also give you a professionally recognised qualification and a professional level of CIPD membership, Associate (Assoc CIPD). You can choose to follow a HR or L&D pathway and you also have the opportunity to study individual Foundation Level Awards to either start or top up your HR and L&D knowledge.
Level 5 Intermediate

Set at undergraduate level, our Intermediate Level qualifications will help to develop your ability to evaluate the effectiveness of different Human Resources (HR) or Learning and Development (L&D) models and practices and increase the understanding of the external factors that impact upon HR activities and organisations, whilst also developing planning, analytical and problem solving skills. They also offer you the opportunity to build on your expertise in your chosen HR or L&D subjects. 

Level 7 Advanced

Set at Postgraduate level, our Level 7 Advanced qualifications are the most widely recognised professional qualifications in the field of Human Resources (HR) and the highest level of qualifications we offer. They will give you a breadth of knowledge alongside the opportunity to specialise in your chosen area of expertise.

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