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Employee Outlook, produced in partnership with Halogen, is produced twice a year: spring and autumn.

The headline finding from our Employee Outlook spring 2016 survey, is a worrying drop in job satisfaction and at the same time an increase in the number of employees currently looking for a new job.

Employers need to take note of these changes and of the areas of working life that could potentially be improved. Employee motivation at work for instance seems to be lacking with almost as many disagreeing as agreeing ‘this organisation really inspires the very best of me in the way of job performance.’ There has also been an increase in the number of employees believing that their performance management processes are somewhat or not at all fair.'

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Focus on mental health in the workplace

The survey finds that more than three people in ten (31%) have experienced mental health problems while in employment. This figure is higher for female employees at 36% and 46% in respect of people working in the voluntary sector. Find out more about employee attitudes to mental health at work, and the areas where employers can improve their support.

‘It’s not surprising that individuals who are experiencing poor mental health, and have gone into
work,  are likely to report that their condition affects their performance in a range of ways.’

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'The number of employees who say they have experienced mental health problems while in employment has increased from 26% in 2011 to over three in ten (31%) in 2016.' 



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