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An introduction to excellent customer service
This is a collection of clips in which individuals share what values represent excellent customer service to them, including listening and responding to customers' needs, delivering on promises and courtesy and politeness.
Positive tone of voice
This scene shows a phone conversation in which a service provider calls to check that a receiver is happy with the level of service received.
Discussing a service recovery
This scene shows a discussion in which a receptionist talks to a colleague about why she reacted aggressively to an aggressive customer, introducing the LEARN system of handling a complaint through dealing more effectively with difficult customers.
Handling a complaint using LEARN
This scene shows a discussion in which a manager works carefully with an angry customer to immediately defuse and resolve the situation, ensuring she handles his complaint successfully while taking his personal needs into account.
Leading in a service environment
This scene shows a discussion in which a manager explains to a colleague how taking an active role in encouraging and rewarding good customer service has enabled her team to come top of the league.