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Neuroscience in action
This report forms part of the CIPD’s programme of research exploring how findings from behavioural science are influencing the HR and learning and development (L&D) profession.
Neuroscience and learning
This Research Insight, the first in a series three reports published in February 2014, explores how learning can be informed by neuroscience.
Cognition, decision and expertise
This Research Insight, the second in a series three reports published in February 2014, addresses cognition, decision-making and the role of expertise and professional judgement.
Insight and intuition
This Research Insight, the last in a series three reports published in February 2014, addresses intuition and insight, linking them to the behaviours of creativity and innovation.
Social technology, social business
This survey report provides a snapshot of how much social media and technology have taken hold in the world of work, and looks into why we use social technology for business and what benefits we see.
Social media and employee voice
This CIPD research report reviews existing literature on the opportunities that social media opens up for employee voice. It also includes suggestions on how employees can be encouraged to express their voice through social media.
Mediation: an approach to resolving workplace issues
This joint publication by the CIPD and Acas aims to help employers, trade unions and employees in deciding whether and in what circumstances mediation may be suitable.
From steady state to ready state
This CIPD research report provides an overview of the pros and cons of traditional learning theories and encourages practitioners to explore newer models from neuroscience, cognitive research and behavioural science.
Using the head and heart at work
This CIPD report discusses the value of soft skills and makes the business case for putting them at the heart of an organisation's learning and development agenda.