Communicating assertively - dress rehearsals


Last Published  01 August 2012

Assertiveness is a communication skill and, as such, there is huge benefit in practising it in a safe, supportive learning environment. That environment, however, also has to be learning-efficient, and role-play exercises can be learning-inefficient for two main reasons. First, the exercises are designed by the facilitator and may not bear enough resemblance to participants' real situations and, second, participants have no opportunity to put the feedback into effect immediately. This tool addresses both of these problems by getting participants to construct their own role-plays and to manage them in such a way that they implement feedback immediately.

The tool works best when participants have already learned a lot about assertive thinking, behaviours and techniques and had an opportunity to practise them so that all they have to do now is focus their learning on real situations.

Tool aims
  • To provide a structured approach to developing assertive behaviour in situations related to participants' goals.
  • To improve transfer of learning from classroom to workplace and provide useful information for evaluation.