This topic contains a range of tools to help you run a session on assessertiveness.
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Assertiveness self-assessment
Use this tool to provide an objective assessment of how participants think and act and how these behaviours are seen by others.
Three essential skills for being assertive
You can use this tool to demonstrate three essential skills of being assertive: verbal skills, non-verbal skills and cognitive skills.
Assertiveness workout
This tool can be used to help participants to better understand and develop assertive behaviour through practice role-plays.
Assertiveness tools and techniques
Use this tool to introduce participants to the key assertive skills and techniques that can be used with difficult people or difficult situations.
What makes us behave the way we do?
Use this tool to help participants understand how the way they think affects their behaviour. It shows how our thinking can make it easier to feel and be assertive and how it can undermine our good intentions.
Inner dialogues and rights
You can use this tool to help participants ensure that their thoughts support their assertive behaviour.
Thinking assertively - desk rehearsal
Use this tool to help participants understand the real and powerful links between our thinking, our behaviour and the outcomes we experience, giving them an opportunity to see how they link together in a situation of particular relevance to them.
Handling manipulation
Use this tool to use simple and effective techniques to help participants protect themselves, to stay assertive and even to help the manipulator communicate openly and honestly.
Communicating assertively - dress rehearsals
You can use this tool to provide a structured approach to developing assertive behaviour in situations related to participants' goals and to improve transfer of learning from classroom to workplace and provide useful information for evaluation.
Overcoming the implementation problem of assertive techniques
This tool can be used to provide tried and tested solutions to overcome the problem of ineffectively implementing assertive techniques in the real world.