Deep listening for teams


Last Published  01 August 2012

In this tool the team experience the value of listening deeply to each other. This experience alone can bring about a permanent and marked improvement in team communication. Not only that, but the tool also provides an opportunity for the team to discuss comprehensively and issue of importance.

Teams can benefit from this tool at any stage, but it is particularly useful for those who have been working together for some time and who want to take a step forward in their ability to use the thinking of all team members. It can be a useful companion to the tool Team dialogue. It is relevant when there are one or more issues which the team need to reach a shared view on.

It is also particularly useful for large teams (over nine members), and for teams who have begun to involve people outside the immediate team in some meetings. This is because it provides a structure where subgroups take it in turn to discuss an issue, and so it ensures that everyone has their say without the discussion becoming unmanageable.

Tool aim
  • To enable teams to experience the value of listening deeply to each other and improve team communication.