Dealing with emotion in mediation


Last Published  01 August 2012

This tool has been designed to equip your delegates with skills specifically required to deal with the emotional elements of conflict and mediation. It will also reinforce the power that mediation can have and the impact a poorly managed session can have on parties. It uses 'the mediation timeline', which has been designed by Clive Lewis OBE DL, to address the past, present and future of emotion in disputes. This is a critical tool for training anyone who will be actively mediating as it provides guidance that will assist mediators in being prepared for managing the range of emotions that may materialise during the course of a conflict.

Tool aims
  • To understand the past, present and future of emotion in conflict
  • To explore the impact of the emotions of both the parties, and the mediator
  • To enable delegates to understand and know how to manage emotions within mediations.