Managing a mediation


Last Published  01 August 2012

This tool has been designed to give delegates practical guidance to maximise mediations that they conduct. With a real focus on practical considerations for organising a mediation, this tool provides real-world advice. By ensuring that the elements discussed in this session have been prepared, the mediator will be paving the way for a positive mediation experience. Covering topics including selecting an appropriate venue, the opening statement, the agreement to mediate and joint meetings, this tool provides a guide to practices that delegates may wish to follow when conducting future mediations and explores the critical aspect of determining whether an internal or external mediator would be most suited to a particular case. This tool will provide practical skills that will transfer to all future mediations carried out by the delegates.

Tool aims
  • To understand how critical effective planning is in mediation.
  • To provide a template for the agreement to mediate for parties.
  • To examine matters that will determine whether an internal or external mediator would be most appropriate.