Influencing skills

This topic contains a range of tools to help you run a session on influencing skills.
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How well do you influence?
You can use this tool to help managers understand which styles they presently use to influence others.
Building rapport quickly and easily
This tool can be used to help participants see that by using certain behaviours and not others rapport can develop more quickly and easily.
The Drive-Draw model
Use this tool to help managers to explore how their influencing styles affect their interaction with others.
Avoiding Inadvertent irritators
Use this tool to raise participants' awareness of irritating behaviours which reduce the potential of influencing others.
Influencing group discussions
This tool can be used to help people be more effective at influencing people in group discussion.
Your group skills appraisal
You can use this tool to help participants discover a lot about group skills and identify their priorities for their own improvement.
Dealing with resistance to change
Use this tool to uncover the 'driving forces' and 'restraining forces' to achieving a goal and help managers to develop specific action plans to strengthen the key 'driving forces' and to weaken the key 'restraining forces' to ensure success.