Personal assessment

This topic contains a range of tools to help you run a session on personal assessment.
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Assessing personal style
The objective of this tool is to assess how personal style influences performance at work.
Understanding needs at work
You can use this tool to help participants understand human needs and assess personal needs at work.
Ascertaining personal values
You can use this tool to help participants ascertain their personal values.
Understanding your personal SWOTs and preferences
This tool can be used to provide participants with a balanced view of their personal strengths, possible weaknesses, personal opportunities and possible threats to their progress as a leader, introduce participants to the idea of intelligent objectivity by encouraging them to look at themselves as if they were a business in their own right and gain an awareness of their personal preferences in terms of how they operate in order to act as an introduction to their undertaking a Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) assessment.
The Leadership Impact Index
Use this tool to provide participants with a wide-ranging view of the factors that can promote success or otherwise in a leadership situation, give participants the opportunity to assess their leadership ability with a single, global figure and create another perspective for the individual to develop a plan for personal development within a range of leadership issues.
Exposing selective weakness to build rapport
This tool can be used to understand the principles of exposing selective weaknesses, draw up a list of their own behavioural strengths and weaknesses, in order to build rapport and develop an appropriate strategy to expose selective weaknesses in order to build rapport.
Understanding your personal values
Use this tool to provide participants with a working model to increase their understanding of both individuals and organisations.
Developing your personal knowledge base
This tool can be used to encourage participants to identify the knowledge base they require for their current role, acquaint participants with the key issues regarding knowledge required by the strategic leader and create a plan for developing their personal knowledge base.
Developing your self-esteem
You can use this tool to help participants increase their self-esteem.
Identifying clear learning goals
You can use this tool to help participants to identify precise and balanced learning goals.