Delivering confident presentations


Last Modified  15 August 2016

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This tool reflects that, even where a presentation has been well designed and structured, its impact and influence needs to be reinforced through confident delivery. Learners will develop an understanding of how to minimise nerves before and during presentations.
Time needed
It will take about an hour to run this tool.
Suggested steps – Step 1
Introduce the session by emphasising the importance of presenting confidently so that audiences are more likely to take note of the content.

Ask learners to rate themselves from 1 to 10, where 1 is complete lack of confidence and 10 is very confident. (If the learners are comfortable answering, it would be good to ask them why they have rated themselves the way they have.)
Step 2
Using the flipchart ask the learners to share ideas of the characteristics of a confident presenter.
Step 3
Show the Delivering confidently clip and ask the learners to note all of the characteristics they have observed. Tick them off the flipchart sheet. Add to the end of the flipchart sheet any additional issues identified.
Step 4
Ask the learners to complete the Identifying your triggers worksheet which requires them to reflect upon and identify their personal triggers.

They should then work in pairs to come up with potential solutions. If they are struggling for ideas, give them a copy of the Top 15 tips for controlling nerves handout to stimulate some discussion. Suggest the learners prioritise the tips by focusing on their own personal and professional development.
Step 5
The final activity is explained on the Selling yourself worksheet and requires the learners to prepare a short presentation during which they sell themselves.

Learners should be allocated ten minutes to prepare this presentation and then present it in front of the rest of the group. If you have a large group you may wish to create two sub-groups.

When acting as audience members the learners should provide some constructive feedback – identifying at least one strength and one area for further development.
Step 6
Conclude this session by asking each member of the group to verbally commit to one area where they will try to develop their confidence.