Structuring presentations effectively


Last Published  01 August 2012

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Time needed
Allow for about 1 hour to run this tool.
Suggested steps - Step 1
If this is the first time you have worked with these learners it would be useful to ask them to introduce themselves and give a brief insight into their experience with presentations.
Step 2
This session could start with a short ice-breaker. To do this you should print one copy of the Pieces of the jigsaw tutor resource for each group and then cut out the rows and ask learners to place them in what they think is the most logical order for a presentation.
Step 3
Ask the learners to read through the Core presentation structures handout and identify what the key issues are – make a note of these core issues on the flipchart pad so that it can be referred to throughout the session.
Step 4
The students should complete the first activity outlined on the Worksheet – Strong introductions, main body and conclusions. When this has been completed ask each group to identify two core things that should be covered within the introductory slides.

You can also share with them the following ideas (if they have not raised them):
  • Begin with an unusual or unexpected fact
  • Use a strong quotation
  • Pose an interesting question
  • Confirm whether there are any issues relating to confidentiality/Chatham house rules
Step 5
Talk to the group about the importance of the ‘main body’ of the presentation and ask them to identify what they would normally cover in this section, using the scenario on the Worksheet: Strong introductions, main body and conclusions.
Step 6
Ask the group to share their previous experiences as attendees and reflect on presentations that have either ended very well or very badly and encourage them to identify the characteristics of both.

Consider how they could be overcome by completing the final activity on the Worksheet: Strong introductions, main body and conclusions.
Step 7
Distribute copies of the Presentation structure checklist and ask the learners if there are any other key points they wish to add.
Step 8
Conclude with a summary of the session and ask learners to identify which element they will focus on when putting together future presentations.