Identifying, controlling and influencing time stealers


Last Published  01 August 2012

Time-stealers are activities that happen that detract from good use of time. Spending time unexpectedly with a team member who is distressed may be 'stealing your time from what you had planned' but most of us will agree is an appropriate use of time. However, spending time unexpectedly with a team member on an issue that really needs planning and relevant background information may well be a poor use of time. So what may be classed as a 'time-stealer' one day may be very appropriate on another. What may be classed as a 'time-stealer' for one person may be a core part of the job for another person. Time-stealers are personal and individual. The tool continues by helping participants to think about the control and influence they have over their time-stealers.

Tool aim
  • To give participants the opportunity to identify a variety of time-stealers and develop ways of overcoming them.