ToolClicks FAQs

Are ToolClicks products included in my CIPD membership?
No, our ToolClicks product range is not included in your CIPD membership. It is an online commercial product published by the CIPD for which there is a one-off fee. CIPD members receive a discount on the price of our ToolClicks products.
Do I have to be a CIPD member to buy access to any or all of the ToolClicks products?
No, you do not need to be a CIPD member. Members receive a discount off the purchase price of our ToolClicks product range.
Why buy any or all of our ToolClicks products?
CIPD ToolClicks products help you to create inspired training whenever and wherever you are. Whether you’re tasked with producing internal courses to offer across your own organisation, creating a bespoke in-house solution for a client or running external training programmes, Learning, Interpersonal skills and Management ToolClicks provide you with training ideas and resources to help you design and deliver effective training solutions.
Who writes the content for the ToolClicks products?
Content is written by a range of learning and development professionals who are expert in their field.
How can I become a contributor to the ToolClicks products?
Please email us your CV and tell us what you are interested in writing.
How much do the ToolClicks products cost?

CIPD member price (excl. vat)CIPD non-member price (excl. vat)
1 ToolClicks product£1,298£1,449
2 ToolClicks products£1,947£2,176
3 ToolClicks products£2,379£2,652

This is a one-off fee and entitles you to online access for the lifetime of the products.
How can I pay for the ToolClicks products?
You can purchase ToolClicks products online. You can request an invoice, which you have 30 days to pay.
Can I pay in instalments?
No, you need to pay the one-off fee in full.
Do you give discounts to charities or universities?
Unfortunately, for our members to benefit from a discount on our products, we are unable to provide a further discount to others.
Is there a student price for the ToolClicks products?
No, we do not offer additional discounts to students on ToolClicks products. However, if you are a CIPD member you will benefit from a discount off the product price.
Does my organisation get an organisational member discount?
If your organisation has CIPD organisational membership, individual subscribers can benefit from the member discount on our product range.
Can I use the ToolClicks products from different PCs, for example at home and in the office?
Yes, although you can only log in from one computer at a time. Just log in using your CIPD username and password, and remember to log out before attempting to access a ToolClicks product from another PC.
Can I share access to the ToolClicks products with a colleague?
When you purchase one or more of the ToolClicks products, access is provided through your CIPD website account. If you give these details to a colleague, you are breaking our terms and conditions of use, opening yourself up to potential liability, and sharing confidential information which will be stored in your account.
Can I save Support material from the ToolClicks products onto my organisation's intranet?
As an authorised user, you can download Material from the ToolClicks products you have access to and save them to your personal files. You may customise the Material (for example, with your company or client logo and relevant details) and use them with employees or clients in your facilitated sessions. You may not save ToolClicks Material to a shared network as to do so would be a breach of the terms and conditions of the agreement without having incorporated them into your own course materials.

If you wish to use ToolClicks Materials outside the Terms and conditions of this agreement, for example (but not limited to) placing them on a company intranet or using them across multiple sites and offices, you must apply for a multi-user content licence by emailing toolclicks@cipd.co.uk.
Can I buy a multi-user licence to the ToolClicks products?
Yes, if you are interest in having more than one person able to access the ToolClicks products call our customer service team on +44 (0)844 826 7328 for a quote.
Can I remove additional users from my multi-user licence to the ToolClicks products?
Unfortunately, you cannot reduce the number of additional users once you have paid the one-off access fee. However, you can easily change additional user details to another individual, by contacting our customer service team on +44 (0)844 826 7328.
I am interested in being able to host content from the ToolClicks products on our intranet or internal LMS/VLE, am I allowed to do this?
You are not permitted to do this if you have just purchased a single user access to the ToolClicks products. However, we do offer the opportunity for you to buy a multi-user content licence, which would allow you to host exported content from ToolClicks products for the whole or part of your organisation to access. Contact us for more details and a quote.
Who can I contact regarding the ToolClicks products?

Nature of queryContact number
Account/purchase queryCustomer service: +44 (0)844 826 7328
Technical supportWebsite support: +44 (0)20 8612 6211
General queriesCustomer service: +44 (0)20 8612 6204
Can you show me how the ToolClicks products works?
Please contact us to arrange to join a group or individual webinar training session so that you can see what the product can do for you. Select the date and time of the session that you want to attend and complete this online registration form to reserve your place. We will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours.
What software do I need to use the ToolClicks products?
In order to view and use the ToolClicks product range we recommend:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
  • Safari
  • Security level of 128-bit encryption
  • Cookies enabled
  • A minimum screen resolution of 1024x768
For optimum speed and display of the ToolClicks products we recommend using Chrome.

Additionally, it is desirable, although not necessary, for Javascript to be enabled in your browser. ToolClicks products use Javascript to deliver interactive functionality such as the pop-ups that are associated with downloadable documents.
Can I use the ToolClicks products’ Support material if I don't use Microsoft applications?
The ToolClicks products' downloadable content is created in Microsoft Office as this is the most widely used productivity software amongst our audience. Although the CIPD does not recommend any software to ToolClicks product users, free alternatives to Microsoft Office are available which can open and edit these files:
  • Open Office
  • Google docs
How do I use 'My favourites'?
'My favourites' allows you to bookmark any page with the ToolClicks products that you have access to for easy retrieval at a later date. To use this function, either click on the 'My favourites' button in the top right hand corner of the page, or use the 'Add to favourites' link where it appears.

Saved favourites are automatically sorted by area and can be viewed either by area or all together. Saved favourites can also be edited to remove.
How do I use 'Saved searches'?
The Saved searches button appears in the top right hand corner of every page. Every time you perform a search, you will see a Save search results button at the top of the results list. Clicking on this button will open a drop-down box, which will prompt you to name your search and save it.

Once saved, you can access the results of the same search at any time by clicking on the Saved search button at the top of the page. Searches are automatically sorted by area or can be listed all together.