Planning and designing training

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Developing skills practices that bridge the gap between learning and doing
In this article Anne Bradbury discusses how effective skills practices can bridge the gap between learning and doing.
Using icebreakers in training courses
In this article, Ane Bradbury defines what an icebreaker is and how they should be effectively used at the beginning of a training course.
Creating innovative and engaging pre-course materials
This article talks about the importance of designing engaging pre-course materials to set the training scene.
Are learning styles useful
This article debates whether learning styles are still a useful tool for facilitators and learners.
Designing a good icebreaker
The benefits of designing a good icebreaker are discussed in this article.
Choosing the right room
This article discusses the imporatnce of choosing the right room to hold your training session in.
Logistics checklist
This article highlights the importance of putting together a logistics checklist when your running a training session.
Designing materials to enhance your training
This article discusses how crucial material design is to all trainers and it can make the difference between a session being rated as average/good/great and your overall reputation as a training professional.