Aligning L&D with business objectives and emerging practices

Podcast: Aligning L&D with business objectives and emerging practices

Last Modified  12 August 2016

Recent research shows that just 7% of L&D professionals evaluate the impact of learning initiatives on the wider business. But in these uncertain and changing times, it’s essential that L&D becomes all about alignment: Alignment with both business aims and with evolving ways of learning.

But what does alignment actually look like? Three experts share their insights in this podcast. Laura Overton, founder of Towards Maturity, discusses what is holding alignment back and what L&D should really be measuring to assess value. Julian Stodd, founder and captain of SeaSalt Learning, describes the new world of learning, of social and community, and why L&D needs to act as agile facilitators – not controllers – of learning. And Andrew Jacobs, the talent management and organisational development manager at London Borough of Lewisham, stresses the need to challenge the use of certain methods and technology to ensure it’s what is needed for the business. Andrew also discusses his experience of stripping back his L&D offering to truly align with what people want, and what they’re already using.