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Designing and evaluating effective mobile learning
How can L&D make effective use of mobile learning? In this podcast Nick Shackleton-Jones discusses the best ways to design mobile learning to fit the needs and preferences of employees and how to evaluate and gather data on these initiatives.
Aligning L&D with business objectives and emerging practices
Three experts share their insights in this podcast: Laura Overton, founder of Towards Maturity; Julian Stodd, founder and captain at SeaSalt Learning; and Andrew Jacobs, talent management and organisational development manager at London Borough of Lewisham. They discuss what alignment is, what to measure to assess value, and give their expert advice on embracing new ways of learning.
Using neuro and behavioural science to maximise learning
What does neuro and behavioural science mean in the context of L&D? In this podcast Stella Collins discusses how L&D can use an understanding of how the brain works to help people learn more effectively and how to practically apply these principles.
Identifying new metrics to demonstrate the value of L&D initiatives
How can L&D quantify value and success? In this podcast, Max Blumberg looks at the new metrics and outcomes that L&D professionals can use to move beyond the financial measures of success.
Bringing the L&D profession into the future
L&D need to harness and make use of a range of evolving delivery and evaluation techniques to meet needs of learners. In this podcast Brian Stanton discusses the use of different delivery techniques and the metrics in use at Rolls-Royce to establish the best L&D initiatives for both external customers and the business.
Becoming a more effective L&D professional
In this podcast Perry Timms explores the characteristics of effective L&D professionals and discusses the increasing use of social media and other platforms to share knowledge and collaborate.
From steady state to ready state
In this podcast, Dr John McGurk talks about how we can improve our insight into learning and talent.
Measuring and evaluating the ROI of L&D initiatives
Liz Mansfield talks through the concept of the value of L&D in comparison with the ROI, and how to use both of these metrics when planning training, and how to assess their impact afterwards.
L&D science or strategic business discipline
In this podcast, Philippa Lamb discusses whether learning and development is mostly about science or more of a strategic business discipline.
Neuroscience and the impact on people development
David Rock and Peter Cheese discuss how neuroscience is changing the way we think about key areas of people development in the workplace, including how people learn, how leaders are developed and how people are.
Applying neuroscience and behavioural science to L&D initiatives
In this podcast Philippa Lamb speaks to Beverley Aylott, Head of Leadership for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, about the main lessons neuroscience and behavioural science can teach us about L&D.
Exploring the benefits offered by neuroscience and behavioural science for embedding change
This podcast features Karen Bailey, Head of Competence Development at Volvo Group UK, who speaks to Philippa Lamb about the benefits neuroscience and behavioural science can offer her work as as OD specialist.
The innovation imperative
In this short podcast, Dr John McGurk discusses how HR and learning and talent development can play a part in helping to harness innovation and create the conditions and the culture in which it can flourish.
L&D in a socially networked age
In this podcast we discuss the impact social media is having on the world of work and how learning and development is becoming 'social'.
Tackling the compliance-completion conundrum
In this podcast, Dr John McGurk talks about the use of technology-enabled learning and how we tackle the compliance-completion conundrum.
Pushing the boundaries of L&D
In this podcast, recorded at CIPD HRD conference in 2010, we reflect on the L&D 2010 survey, learning technology and the essential link between Learning and business objectives.