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Adrian Green - Director at the Development Company
In this podcast we speak to Adrian Green, Director at The Development Company, about how he got into the field of learning and development and how L&D has changed during his career.
Helen Amery - Director of Wild Fig Solutions
Helen Amery, Director of Wild Fig Solutions, discusses how she keeps up to date with the latest trends and developments in L&D and gives her advice on how professionals can prepare for these upcoming changes.
Dave Stewart - Managing Director of the Fresh Air Learning Company
This podcast features Dave Stewart, Managing Director of the Fresh Air Learning Company. In this podcast Dave discusses the changes he has seen in L&D over the years, particularly in delivery techniques.
Jan Hills - Founder of Head, Heart + Brain
In this podcast Jan Hills, Founder of Head, Heart + Brain, gives her opinion on what the future of L&D will look like.
Patrick Mullarkey - L&D consultant
Patrick Mullarkey, a learning and development consultant, speaks to us in this podcast about what his typical day involves and gives his opinion on the skills that are needed to be successful in the field of L&D.
Tina Harris - Trainer with Stellar Learning
This podcast features Tina Harris, a trainer with Stellar Learning, who talks about how she became a trainer and what she thinks L&D will look like in the future.
Paul Taylor - Assistant Director of OD at NHS Employers
In this podcast Paul Taylor, Assistant Director of OD at NHS Employers, discusses the main aim in his work and gives his advice for someone looking to start or advance in a career in L&D.
Rachel Burnham - L&D consultant
In this podcast Rachel Burnham, a learning and development consultant, talks about this changes she has seen in the field of L&D during her career and discusses how she stays informed of the latest trends and techniques.