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Curating and sharing knowledge
What is meant by “curation” and “knowledge sharing” and how can L&D professionals take advantage of these skills? In this podcast Martin Couzins discusses the benefits on offer to L&D and organisations from using technology to share knowledge in useful ways.
Learning needs analysis
In this podcast, Adam Ireland introduces you to the concept of learning needs analysis and why it goes beyond training needs analysis. He also discusses how to do a needs analysis at various levels in an organisation, and how to successfully employ the various techniques and methods available.
Learning design
In this podcast, Terry Gillen looks at how to design learning activities by focusing on six main steps.
Learning technologies
In this podcast, Adam Ireland looks at how technology can be used in learning, the types of technology available, both the benefits and drawbacks of technology, and how we might evaluate the successful use of technology in a learning environment.
Evaluation of learning
In this podcast, Adam Ireland looks at defining validation, assessment, monitoring and evaluation and their respective roles in measurement of learning and development interventions; establish why one should evaluate and the need for prioritisation; the target of proving return on investment or expectation where relevant and models, and methods of assessment and evaluation.