Action plans


Suzy Siddons Last Published  24 March 2014

Just as learning doesn’t stop when we leave school or university, so learning continues after we have attended a course. With practice we become more adept at the tasks we have learned to perform and the skills that we have acquired on a course will be used over and over again from the moment we get back. In the main, courses cover skills and knowledge that are immediately needed when we return to the workplace: for example, IT skills, skills with machinery, or knowledge-based skills where new products are introduced, legislation has changed or new practices are being introduced. There are, however, some skills that will not necessarily be practised immediately: for instance, management skills where people are being trained for management but will not be appointed to a managerial position for some months, or presentation skills where there may be a gap of weeks before a real presentation is to take place. This tool, therefore, helps participants to think about how they will keep their newly acquired skills fresh in their minds.

When to use this tool
Use this tool near the end of the course when you want to encourage the participants to keep on learning in their workplaces.

Tool aim
  • To create a ‘plan for action’ that will keep the knowledge and skills acquired on the course fresh and lively while waiting a for real chance to use them and to encourage the participants to keep on refining their skills after the course.