Delivering training

This topic contains a range of tools on how to deliver your training.
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Putting participants at ease
This tool suggests simple tips and ideas that can help put participants at ease both before and as they arrive in the training room.
Opening the training session
This tool is designed to guide you through the process of opening your training positively in order to create an open, friendly learning environment.
Agreeing personal learning objectives
This tool can be used to help you clarify the personal learning objectives for each course participant.
Adapting your delivery style
This tool helps you to understand when to use different delivery styles in your training session.
Supporting participants at each stage of their learning
This tool looks at how people react at each stage of their learning and provides guidance on how to adapt your style to meet the needs of a learner at each level.
Keeping participants interested
This tool will help you to keep participants interested during your training and help you to build participant recall and understanding during your session.
Using effective questioning
Use this tool to help you improve your questioning techniques during training.
Encouraging participants to train each other
This tool is designed for those who wish to make their training more participative.
Managing a skills practice
This tool has been designed to help trainers to oversee the four stages of a successful skills practice.
Closing your training on a positive note
Use this tool to ensure your training session ends on a positive note, reviewing course and personal learning objectives and focusing on how participants will apply their learning in the workplace.