Assessing the impact of internal and external factors


Rachel Burnham, Burnham Learning & Development Limited Last Published  29 April 2015

This tool introduces you to a practical process to enable you to assess your organisation plus the internal and external factors which influence the achievement of organisational objectives. This information gathering process can be adapted to suit organisations of different sizes and your existing level of familiarity with the organisation.

Working in L&D or training, it is particularly important to have a detailed understanding of how an organisation works and the main factors affecting it.

L&D can play a vital part in contributing to the achievement of organisational objectives and the effective performance of individuals, teams and departments. In order to achieve this L&D policies and practices need to be aligned with the organisation (ie match the organisation’s needs) now and in the future. This alignment is based upon an excellent understanding both of the internal workings of the organisation and the external environment with which it interacts.

This tool provides a broad process for identifying the internal and external factors affecting your organisation. Within the process, you may decide to make use of a number of specific analytical techniques, such as Stakeholder Analysis and PESTLE analysis which are detailed in a separate tool Using Analytical Techniques to Assess the L&D Context. Suggestions of where these specific techniques may be of particular use will be made within the guidance section of this tool.

Who this tool is for:
This tool is particularly aimed at those who are new to L&D and training or who have not previously developed or reviewed L&D policies and practices.

This tool will help you to:
  • Identify what types of information about the organisation and its external environment you need to be aware of when creating or reviewing L&D policies or practices
  • Plan a process to gather this information
  • Choose appropriate methods to gather this information.

Unit: Understanding the Context of L&D (5CLD)

This tool maps to the following learning outcomes:
  • Define and specify a range of internal and external factors influencing the achievement of organisation objectives.