Developing L&D policies and practices

This topic contains a range of tools to help you understand and analyse the context of L&D in your organisation and how to develop and communicate L&D policies and practices.
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Understanding your organisation and the context of L&D
This tool will help you to understand your organisation, its type and its context, so that you can develop L&D policies and practices that will be effective.
Assessing the impact of internal and external factors
This tool introduces you to a practical process to enable you to assess your organisation plus the internal and external factors which influence the achievement of organisational objectives.
Using analytical techniques to assess the L&D context
This tool introduces you to four practical and flexible analytical techniques that can be used to help you to identify and analyse the impact of influencing factors on your organisation and its approach to L&D and training.
Developing an L&D policy
This tool will guide you through the process of developing an effective L&D policy.
Communicating, implementing and maintaining a policy
This tool will give you ideas about how to create an effective communications strategy to support the introduction and implementation of an L&D Policy.