Using analytical techniques to assess the L&D context


Rachel Burnham, Burnham Learning & Development Limited Last Published  29 April 2015

This tool introduces you to four practical and flexible analytical techniques that can be used to help you to identify and analyse the impact of influencing factors on your organisation and its approach to L&D and training.

These techniques provide a structured approach to gathering and analysing information about factors impacting on organisations. They provide a recognised way of helping you to make sense of the distinctive features of your organisation and the external environment with which it interacts.

Each technique has a different focus and emphasis, so you can combine techniques or choose a particular technique to suit the requirements of your organisation and its current L&D position.

This tool will work alongside and contribute to the Assessing the impact of internal and external factors tool and focuses specifically on the use of these four analytical techniques and how they can contribute to this wider analysis.

Who this tool is for:
This tool is particularly aimed at those who are new to L&D and training or who have not previously developed or reviewed L&D policies and practices.

This tool will help you to:
  • Use PESTLE, SWOT, the McKinsey 7 S Framework and stakeholder analysis to inform L&D policy and practice
  • Identify the characteristics and limitations of each of these techniques
  • Select the most appropriate analytical tool to suit your organisation and its L&D needs.

Unit: Understanding the Context of L&D (5CLD)

This tool maps to the following learning outcomes:
  • Apply a range of analytical techniques to determine the relevance and impact of influencing factors in a variety of organisation contexts.