Enhancing participant engagement

This topic contains a range of tools to enhance participant engagement through brain-friendly training techniques.
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Using motivation theories
This tool highlights some of the significant theories of motivation, and explores how they apply to a learning environment.
Engaging people before training
This tool provides a range of techniques to motivate and engage learners before training or a learning event.
Understanding individual learning preferences and group learning methods
This tool outlines the value of models to design training for a wide variety of learning preferences.
Using an experiential learning approach
This tool will help you understand the experiential learning approach and how you can use it to help people learn for themselves.
Using stories, metaphors and analogies
This tool explains why stories, metaphors and analogies are powerful tools to engage learners and how to embed them into a training session.
Group work and problem based learning
This tool provides guidance on how to get the most out of group work and problem based learning.
Security and stimulus
This tool looks at how to get the optimum balance of security and stimulus during a training session.
Avoiding cognitive overload
This tool will help you to be realistic about how much information to share and offers ideas for making the information you do provide easier to process.
Visual aids and other resources
This tool looks at practical ways to engage your learners by increasing the range of visual aids and other resources open to you and them.
This tool will help you to understand more about gamification and how you can start to introduce it into your training programmes.
Holistic learning journey
This tool will help you to consider diverse elements that enhance a learner’s experience to keep their brains and bodies fully engaged.
Engaging people after training
This tool will help you to continue to motivate and engage learners after a training event.