Engaging people before training


Stella Collins, Stellar Learning Last Published  28 April 2015

This tool provides a range of techniques to motivate and engage learners before training or a learning event. What happens before a learning event is as important as what happens on the day. People approach learning with different attitudes, based on their previous experiences and preconceptions. Your work starts early to break down barriers, inspire and motivate people and give them all the necessary information so they arrive fully engaged. When people are well prepared before they start their training they learn more and your role as a trainer becomes easier.

Who this tool is for:
This tool is for L&D professionals, trainers, managers and, importantly, support staff who all have a role to play in building and maintaining learner’s motivation to learn before they start a formal learning event, whether it’s coaching, a face to face workshop or virtual learning like e-learning or webinars.

This tool will:
  • help you engage learners so they are motivated when they start the training
  • enable you to create resources to inspire and make learners curious and keen to learn.

Unit: Enhancing Participant Engagement in the Learning Process (5PEL)

This tool maps to the following learning outcomes:
  • Develop a stakeholder map for their learning environment
  • Assess different stakeholders' power, positions and interests.