Stella Collins, Stellar Learning Last Published  28 April 2015

You’re probably already using elements of gamification in your training design and delivery without really recognising it. Work through this tool to understand more about gamification and how you can start to introduce it into your training programmes. You’ll find advice and guidance on how to design and implement your own gamification strategy and some examples of gamification in practice.

Who this tool is for:
This tool is for L&D professionals, managers, trainers and learning designers, new to the concept, who want to explore and apply the ideas that gamification can bring to their current practice.

This tool will help you:
  • Identify how to apply gamification to your current training topics
  • Decide whether gamification will help you engage learners more fully.

Unit: Enhancing Participant Engagement in the Learning Process (5PEL)

This tool maps to the following learning outcomes:
  • Outline the neuroscience most pertinent to learner engagement.
  • Provide examples of learning and development practice underpinned by psychology and neuroscience.