Holistic learning journey


Stella Collins, Stellar Learning Last Published  28 April 2015

Learning happens in a broader context than a training room or e-learning package and is about more than a single course or the content of your training. This tool guides you through some of the factors to consider in taking participants on a holistic learning journey. There are many influences on a person’s experience of learning and a holistic approach takes people on a journey which engages them fully, gives them richer experiences to draw upon, takes the learning back into the workplace and ultimately helps them embed their learning into the workplace.

This tool will help you to consider diverse elements that enhance a learner’s experience to keep their brains and bodies fully engaged. These seemingly small factors can make a difference to the end results because they reduce distraction and increase extrinsic and intrinsic motivation for people to learn new skills, change their behaviours and even their attitudes.

Who this tool is for:
This tool is for trainers, coaches and facilitators, whether you work independently or in organisations, and also L&D managers, who want to take a broader view of the learning process and are looking to create a wider learning culture. This tool may have consequences for other stakeholders which can help engage them more in the learning process, making it more effective overall because it’s not happening in isolation.

This tool will:
  • help you identify areas to consider when planning, designing and delivering learning to engage learners fully
  • help you make decisions about venues
  • influence other stakeholders in the learning process.

Unit: Enhancing Participant Engagement in the Learning Process (5PEL)

This tool maps to the following learning outcomes:
  • Outline the neuroscience most pertinent to learner engagement.
  • Provide examples of learning and development practice underpinned by psychology and neuroscience.