Using stories, metaphors and analogies


Stella Collins, Stellar Learning Last Published  28 April 2015

This tool explains why stories, metaphors and analogies are powerful tools to engage learners and how to embed them into a training session. Stories engage participants in enriched environments using emotions and sensory experiences; they also provide structure, meaning and a way to let people stand outside their immediate environment. They increase attention and improve memory for long term application of learning.

Who this tool is for:
This tool is for trainers who want to use stories to increase participant engagement. It will be particularly useful for those who train in technical topics as well as soft skills because stories can be a memorable way to capture technical or process based information.

This tool will:
  • help you identify different types of stories
  • help you identify when to tell stories
  • give you some resources to create your own stories.

Unit: Enhancing Participant Engagement in the Learning Process (5PEL)

This tool maps to the following learning outcomes:
  • Outline the neuroscience most pertinent to learner engagement.
  • Provide examples of learning and development practice underpinned by psychology and neuroscience.