Evaluating training

This topic contains a range of tools to help you evaluate your training.
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The five stages of evaluation
This tool explains the importance of evaluating training, and describes the five levels of training evaluation.
Evaluating reactions
This tool is designed to help you understand and explore different opportunities to evaluate reactions to training.
Assessing learning
This tool can be used to to help you to understand and explore different ways to assess learning in training.
Measuring behavioural change
Use this tool to explore different opportunities to measure any behavioural changes that have taken place during training.
Determining results
This tool will help you to consider different ways to evaluate the results of the training in terms of business impact.
Measuring return on investment
This tool explains what ROI is and how it is measured when it comes to training.
Using the Success Case Method
This tool will show you how to conduct an evaluation using the Success Case Method.