Introducing yourself - the trainer


Suzy Siddons Last Published  24 March 2014

During the early stages of a course, the facilitator needs to take the lead – the group is not yet ready to perform. You have taken them through the ‘forming’ stage by setting their expectations and objectives, now they need to start working out where they are in the pecking order of the group. Naturally they will look to you for a lead – they may not know very much about you so you need to set out your credentials. They will also look to you for pointers about how to behave. If you behave formally at this point, then that sets a pattern; equally if you are disclosive, they will be encouraged to be disclosive as well. Humour will bring out humour, creativity will bring out creativity, exactness will bring out exactness, and so on. You need to think carefully about the patterns that you set when you introduce yourself.

When to use this tool
Use this tool at the start of any course

Tool aims
  • To introduce yourself to the group
  • To set behaviour patterns for their introductions
  • To arouse the group’s interest in you
  • To present your credentials.