Building up to the online session


Phil Green, Onlignment Ltd Last Published  24 March 2014

It is vital to be ready and prepared before an online session opens. A story-board, cue cards, facilitator guide or checklist will help. There are no hard and fast rules about what form it should take or what to put in it, but some kind of guide is essential if more than one person is responsible for running the session. It makes it clear who is responsible for doing what, and when.

If you are the person responsible for getting everything and everyone ready to take part in an online session, this tool will help you with the build-up to make sure everyone derives maximum benefit. It will guide you as you:
  • prepare your materials
  • prepare your audience
  • prepare yourself.
Tool aims
  • To help you with the preparation and build-up to the online session to ensure everyone gets the most out of the training session.