Live online learning

This topic contains a range of tools to help you plan, run an evaluate a live online learning session.
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Making the case for online and live
This tool is designed to help you focus on the various processes that underpin synchronous online learning, the choices and decisions involved in planning it, the advantages and limitations of online learning, and the skills necessary to make it work.
Tools for live online communication
Use this tool to help you to broaden your view of the technologies that support live online communication in a business and help you to distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous methods of communication.
This tool is designed to help you to recognise three distinct ways of using web-conferencing and help you to choose the best way to use web-conferencing for various business purposes.
Planning an online session
This tool will help you to focus on the learning outcomes and teaching strategies you need from an online session.
Getting to know your audience for an online session
Use this tool to help you to consider who your target audience is so that you use the right teaching techniques in your online learning session.
Structuring an online session
This tool will help you to structure an interactive online session and provide you with guidance on who does what when the session goes live.
Communicating with voice and live video
This tool will help you to use your voice effectively, use more than one voice and use live video as part of your online learning session.
Sharing resources
This tool is designed to help you to use application-sharing to demonstrate in real time, share your desktop or selected content remotely while live online, use web tours to look at websites at the same time as participants, and share web content that is not easily uploaded onto the system.
Building in interactivity
This tool will help you to effectively use markup tools, voice, interactive whiteboard, polls and quizzes creatively and decide when it is appropriate to use breakout rooms.
Building up to the online session
Use this tool to help you with the preparation and build-up to the online session in order to ensure everyone gets the most out of the training session.
Following up an online learning session
This tool has been designed to help you evaluate your online learning session in terms both of effectiveness and efficiency.