Following up an online learning session


Phil Green, Onlignment Ltd Last Published  24 March 2014

An effective session will stir positive reactions from participants; they will achieve specific learning outcomes and these will be manifest in their changed behaviour and contribution towards the success of their business.

An efficient session will reach the widest possible audience, at the moment of greatest need, in the shortest possible time, using the optimum resources, including manpower. In this way it will bring down costs and cause minimal negative impact to the environment.

In a well-regulated scheme, live online learning will connect with other methods of training, praxis and communication, so that learning does not stop after the short period during which a session was happening. This means it is important to consider what you and your audience will do after the live session has ended.

Tool aims
  • To help you evaluate your session in terms both of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • To help you recognise tools that can re-purpose your presentations as stand-alone resources that are available on demand through a computer or mobile device.
  • To help you decide what to supply to participants as reference material.
  • To provide ways in which participants can continue to learn after the live session has ended.