Creating a pilot training session


Anne Bradbury, L&D Consultant Last Published  24 March 2014

When you are running a course that is going to be delivered across your business, it is wise plan and run a pilot session. This will enable you to check whether the course meets the agreed business outcomes and learning objectives. You can then make any changes and improvements before the live roll out.

Who this tool if for
This tool is for experienced learning and development professionals and managers, to help them plan and run pilot training sessions. This tool can also be used to coach new and inexperienced trainers.

Tool aims
This tool will help you to: 
  • To establish when it is appropriate to run a pilot.
  • To understand what is involved in planning and organising a pilot.
  • To capture any feedback and suggestions for improvement from the pilot session
  • To make agreed changes as a result of the pilot.