Planning and designing training

This topic contains a range of tools to help you plan and design your training.
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Planning the overall design of your training
This tool will give you practical tips and ideas to help you create a simple overview of what the training will look like as a whole, before you develop each section of your training in detail.
Planning each session in detail
Each of your training sessions needs to be well-structured in terms of content and activities so that participants get the most out of it. Use this tool to help you create a more detailed plan for each section of your training.
Creating a trainer's guide
This tool will help you to create a clear, concise trainer’s guide for your own personal use or for multiple trainers across a business.
Creating participant material
Use this tool to help you design effective participant materials, which are visually appealing, interesting and logically set out.
Designing a group exercise
This tool will help guide you through the process of designing a successful group exercise.
Writing realistic skills practice scenarios
You can use this tool to help you create realistic skills practice sessions for course participants, ensuring that they reflect the participants' work environment and that logistics and timings have been planned out in advance.
Helping participants understand a process
This tool will enable you to help participants explore the big picture before going into detail and get them to understand a process that they need to follow.
Checking participant understanding
This tool is designed to help trainers who need to check that course participants are able to understand and apply what they have learnt when they return to the work environment.
Using demonstrations in training
This tool explains the steps in demonstrating a new task or skill successfully.
Getting the support you need
This tool will help guide you through the process of getting the support you need to design and deliver your training.
Creating a pilot training session
This tool is for experienced learning and development professionals and managers and is designed to help them plan and run pilot training sessions.
An effective title for your training event
This tool explores what makes a good title and suggests ways of coming up with an effective title for your training event.
Selecting the right training venue
This tool will help you assess the suitability of a range of training venues objectively.
Creating engaging pre-course materials
This tool can be used to help you create engaging pre-course materials and understand why they are important.
Preparing the training environment
This tool has been designed to help guide you through the process of preparing your training environment.