Planning each session in detail


Anne Bradbury, L&D Consultant Last Modified  11 August 2016

Each of your training sessions needs to be well-structured in terms of content and activities so that participants get the most out of it. This tool follows on from the tool Planning the overall design of your training. In this tool, you are going to create a more detailed plan for each section of your training. Once you have done this, you will be able to move on to produce a trainer’s guide and participant notes more easily.

Who is this tool for?

If you're a new trainer, this is designed to guide you through the process of planning a session in detail.

Before you start

You may wish to read through the following tools to help you see how this tool fits into the wider context:

Consider whether there's a specific process to planning out each of your training sessions in detail. If there is, make sure you follow that rather than the steps outlined in this guidance section.

Tool aims

This tool will help you to: 
  • plan a structure for your session
  • consider what resources, materials and methods you want to use at each stage
  • allocate approximate timings.