Using demonstrations in training


Tony Bray & Tessa Simpson Last Published  24 March 2014

Using a demonstration has greater impact on course participants than simply telling them what they need to do. A demonstration shows the step-by-step process by which a specific skill or task is completed successfully. Participants get a chance to watch the trainer carry out the activity and ask any questions for clarification.  A demonstration can be made even more valuable if participants get the chance to have a go at completing the task afterwards and receive feedback. This process can be repeated several times to help participants grow in confidence and experience.

This tool explains the steps in demonstrating a new task or skill successfully.

Who this tool is for
This tool is for any trainers who need to give demonstrations in the training room. This tool will be especially useful for people who run technical training, computer or interpersonal skills based training courses.

Tools aims
This tool will enable you to:
  • Make adequate preparations to carry out a successful demonstration
  • Demonstrate the skill or task successfully
  • Help participants try out the new task or skill in a safe environment
  • Give feedback after participants have demonstrated the task or skill