Collecting and correcting expectations


Suzy Siddons Last Published  24 March 2014

One of the greatest dangers for a training course arises when the participants’ expectations are set badly or not at all. Very often you are not in control of how the participants choose or are chosen to attend a course (the deadly mandatory course) so it is a very good idea to correct the participants’ expectations as early as possible.

When to use this tool
This tool can be used in any course, but it is particularly important on courses that the participants are compelled to attend (as in the case of health and safety regulations or mandatory working practices). When you send out the course instructions, send the questionnaire with them, ask that the questionnaire be returned to you at least four days before the course; this gives you a chance to see what needs to be fixed. Correcting expectations should be one of the first things you do at the start of the course.

Tool aims
  • To ensure that the participants know exactly what to expect
  • To correct any negative expectations
  • To reassure the participants that they will get exactly what they want from the course.