Pre-course activities

This topic contains a range of pre-course tools that you can use.
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What do you want to learn from the course
The more you know about the participants, the more efficiently you will be able to prepare the course and tailor it to their exact needs. This tool allows you to identify exactly what the participants need from the course.
How do you like to learn
You can use this tool to discover the way each participant prefers to learn, allow the facilitator to adapt the course to fit the learning preferences of the participants and give the participants an insight into their learning preferences.
Collecting and correcting expectations
Use this tool to ensure that the participants know exactly what to expect, to correct any negative expectations and to reassure the participants that they will get exactly what they want from the course.
Find out what participants already know
Use this tool to discover the depth of participants’ knowledge about the topics on the agenda and establish their experience levels.