Supporting communities of practice


Sam Burrough, Performance Learning Group Last Published  30 April 2015

There are people in your organisation who share an interest in the same areas, and they are probably already meeting up to discuss the latest developments in this field. This can be described as a community of practice. There are probably many of these communities in your organisation, however, they may not be well developed or organised, and they may not even recognise that they are a community.

There is value in helping communities like this function more cohesively, communicate more effectively and finding ways to amplify or capture what they are sharing for the benefit of the wider organisation as well as creating new ones when necessary.

This tool will cover:
  • What is a community of practice?
  • How do you build or support communities of practice?

Unit: Facilitating Collective and Social Learning (5CSL)

This tool maps to the following learning outcomes:
  • Compare different models of collective and social learning.
  • Describe the development of collective and social learning and their manifestations and uses in the workplace.
  • Assess the factors to be considered when implementing collective and social learning programmes in organisations.