Training needs analysis

This topic contains a range of tools to analyse training needs.
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What is a training needs analysis?
This tool provides an overview of what a training needs analysis is, and why conducting one is crucial before designing or delivering training.
Identify the need and the data available
This tool will help you take the first step to conducting a training needs analysis, which is to identify the problem or need and establish what data you already have available.
Identify data needs and data collection methods
This tool will help you take the second step to conducting a training needs analysis which is to establish what data you have already and what data still needs to be gathered and what methods of data collection you can use.
Presenting your findings for training needs
Having planned what data you need to gather and designed suitable methods for collecting it, you need to then gather and present your findings. This tool provides you with tips and ideas to help you do this.
Establishing clear learning objectives
This tool provides tips and ideas for creating simple, practical, business specific learning objectives.
Outlining the scope of the training
This tool will provide you with tips and ideas to help you summarise the proposed scope of your training, so that you can get sign off from the business before starting to develop any training material.