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Last Published  31 March 2014

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Managing difficult situations
This tool gets participants to look at difficult people or difficult situations from five different viewpoints or positions and examine the strengths and weaknesses of each position and the advantage of adopting all five positions at different times to get a bigger picture of each difficult person or difficult situation.
Performance feedback
Use this tool to show participants how to give feedback, whether criticism or praise.
This tool will help participants recognise that the way we use words reflects our thinking style and enables them to practise using language to build rapport.

In this tool, participants will explore the NLP tools of mirroring/matching and pacing/leading as a means of building rapport.

This tool is designed to help participants understand different types of questions and when they can be useful and build confidence in formulating useful questions in coaching sessions.

This tool helps participants understand the importance of listening when coaching and to recognise their own typical way of listening and its strengths or limitations.

This tool will help participants understand how to give constructive feedback during a coaching session.
Absence management
This tools provides guidance on why and how managers should communicate effectively with employees about absence.

The tool provides managers with the support and confidence needed to carry out difficult conversations that they are required to have with employees following an absence.