Making the case for a coherent performance management process


Last Published  01 August 2012

The 'people' side of many organisations is fragmented. Often, the criteria on which people are recruited, inducted, trained, promoted, assessed and rewarded are not only different, they also don't support the organisation's goals as effectively as they could. This is hardly surprising as most organisations have evolved over a long period and various HR initiatives have been started in response to specific needs.

When all aspects of an organisation are based on the same criteria, they are more than coherent, they actually support each another. The need for this coherence and support is so vital for the success of performance-management policies that at some time or another you might find yourself considering improvements to the way your organisation manages people's performance.

This tool is suitable for a senior-management conference or 'away day' and will help participants think about vital performance-management issues and will provide information from which you will be able to make firm proposals.

Tool aim
  • To help senior management develop effective performance management process.