Leadership styles

This topic contains a range of tools that help to understand and vary leadership styles.
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The balanced leader
A tool that can be used to explore some basic concepts of leadership which, over time, managers can adopt and adapt based on seeing other leaders.
Leadership questionnaire
The tool consists of a questionnaire for managers to complete that can be used to analyse their team's focus.
Four leadership styles
A tool that can be used to show managers how they can vary their leadership style to match the competence and experience of their team members.
Varying your leadership style
Use this tool to help new managers choose the most appropriate leadership style of different situations.
The directing style of leadership
You can used this tool to introduce managers to the directing style of leadership.
Trust and respect in leadership
You can use this tool to help managers to understand the potential problems they may encounter at work and how to gain the trust and respect of their team.
The value of personal power
A tool that can be used to help new managers look at the values of personal power in leadership.
Seven steps to business success
You can use this tool to explore seven key elements for business success, and show the new manager how to lead his or her team through each one.
Transforming leaders
Use this tool to help managers to prioritise their development needs and thereby prompt their action plan.