Transforming leaders


Last Published  01 August 2012

Time needed
Allow for about 30 minutes to run this tool.
Suggested steps
Introduce the tool using the following text:
We are going to look at 10 top tips which will give you a reputation for making things happen - you will become a transforming leader.

Hand out the support material: Are you a transforming leader? Tell managers that they are going to assess themselves against each of the 10 characteristics listed in the handout and get them to tick the appropriate column depending on whether it is something they do rarely, sometimes, often or always.
Where do managers focus their attention? Well, the 'ideal' outcome would be to have all ticks in the 'Always' column. But few of us are perfect, so if they have the majority of ticks in the 'Often' and 'Always' columns, with the odd stray in 'Sometimes', they are doing quite well.

If there are any ticks in the 'Rarely' column, they need urgent attention. Suggest they make some immediate changes to the way they work so that they adopt the appropriate behaviours fast. Once managers have started to sort them out, they can focus on any ticks in the 'Sometimes' column.

Given energy and focus, they will gradually become aware that they have changed their ability to transform any situation through the power of the people they have the privilege to lead.