Perceptual positions


Last Published  01 August 2012

One interesting way of dealing with difficult people and difficult situations is to become conscious of how you are perceiving, or thinking about, the issue. In terms of cognitive skills, there are five ways of thinking - perceptual positions - that we can use to resolve difficult interactions. These are: your own point of view; the point of view of the other party; taking a detached viewpoint; considering the situation from an organisational or systemic context; and taking a long-term view of a situation. By engaging with these five positions, we are in a better position to deal assertively with a difficult situation.

Tool aims
  • To enable participants to look at difficult people or difficult situations from five different viewpoints or positions.
  • To examine the strengths and weaknesses of each position and the advantage of adopting all five positions at different times to get a bigger picture of each difficult person or difficult situation.