Conducting a formal meeting to discuss a performance problem


Last Published  01 August 2012

Holding a formal meeting to resolve performance problems requires that a manager has certain basic skills. The meeting or series of meetings are all aimed at gathering information to help the manager decide upon an appropriate course of action. They are important to building and maintaining a good relationship with the employee.

This tool is based on the PEACE model, which was created by Rebecca Milne (Milne and Bull 1999). It is a good model, which includes the things that a manager should do both before and after the meeting to ensure they have been fair in their evidence-gathering. The checklists in the tool Checklists for every stage in the formal disciplinary/capability procedure [file ref] give the details for each of the different formal stages. You can use these together with this tool.

Tool aim
  • To provide a structure for an evidence-gathering meeting.