Helping remote workers understand where they fit in


Last Published  01 August 2012

Within any well-functioning enterprise there will be a clearly stated hierarchy of objectives. One of the main tasks of a manager is to make sure that their team fully understands these objectives and exactly where the remote team fits into them.

This tool leads to a map of objectives, clearly identified with actions for each member. Although the strategic objectives may not vary much - unless there are sudden external changes to the business community - the tactical and logistical objectives may change often enough to make this activity worth running twice a year. This tool can be used: when setting up a remote team; whenever the company alters or adds to their overall objectives; whenever a new member joins the remote team; at team meetings.

Tool aims
  • To help the remote team understand their importance in contributing to the company objectives.
  • To clarify the tactical and logistical objectives that support the strategic objectives.